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FREEDOM 2's vision is for every girl to...

- Be free of exploitation -
- Have a voice -
- Know their own worth and significance -
- To reach their potential -
- Empower others -

FREEDOM 2's mission statement...

To liberate and empower girls to inspire and enable others.

The Team


The founder of FREEDOM 2, Melanie Manning is a qualified primary school teacher with over 10 years’ experience. After initially working as a class teacher, she then qualified to be a Special Educational Needs Coordinator and more recently has been a trainer on the subject of early trauma and attachment issues. She has vast experience of supporting and engaging with children and their families, including troubled families, looked after children and children with special educational needs. Melanie has led interventions and training for parents, carers, special guardians, school staff and professionals and has extensive experience of multi-agency work.

Melanie is passionate about encouraging healthy self-esteem and seeing young people reach their potential. In 2012 she was Head Facilitator of Shine, which is a self-esteem course for women and wrote an accompanying girls programme called Flourish.

Melanie holds a degree in Applied Social and Sciences and an MSc in Anthropology Human Rights and Justice. Through her fieldwork for her Masters, Melanie spent time working closely with the human trafficking department at Essex police, considering the role of training in child protection. She then worked at The Medaille Trust, as part of the Modern Slavery Partnership in Hampshire.

Melanie Manning BA PgCert Msc



FREEDOM 2 are extremely grateful for our volunteers and the time and energy that they sow into the organisation.

For more information about how you might volunteer your time to support the work of FREEDOM 2, please email mel.manning@freedom2.org.uk or visit the 'Support Our Work' page.

The Programmes

FREEDOM 2 provides a self-development programme for girls (between the ages of 12 years and 17 years) who are potentially at risk of exploitation. FREEDOM 2 champions and empowers girls to have the strength to use their voice and begin to discover how to reach their potential through a series of sessions (8 weeks) focusing on topics such as their self-worth, healthy relationships, consent and goals for the future.

For more information please email mel.manning@freedom2.org.uk


FREEDOM 2 has just launched (October 2018) FREEDOM 2 Create, which is a 7 week art programme designed to empower girls (aged between 12 years and 17 years) on their journey and to promote healthy self esteem. The heart of this programme is to see girls grow in confidence in who they are and be free from exploitation.

The sessions will use a variety of art mediums to explore the girls strengths, obstacles that they might face and what it means to feel empowered and how to empower others.

Each session is 1 hour. Week 7 is a celebration week and takes place a few weeks after the end of the course. During this session, a visit will be made to a local artist's studio, encouraging a link between the school and the local community.

For more information, please email mel.manning@freedom2.org.uk