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We have so many exciting things happening this month, but we wanted to let you know about 2 very special things happening before Christmas. Firstly our new ambassador programme, ‘For the 1’ is starting in December. What we have discovered through our work is that we love building relationships with the girls that we work with, but also the schools that we go into. Running a programme for 8 weeks is only the beginning for the girls we work with, we want to provide long term support. So we have developed an ambassador programme where girls that have attended our programmes will then be trained to be FREEDOM 2 ambassadors ( if they want to take on the position!) Their role will be to help us run other programmes in their school, to equip and empower their peers. They will also be a support when FREEDOM 2 is not present in the school.We will be starting our first cohort in December! ‘For the 1‘s’ mission (which is the same as FREEDOM 2) is ‘To liberate and empower girls to inspire and enable others’ But it’s overall vision is that WE ALL will help and make a difference in at least 1 persons life. Each life has value . . . . So our second bit of news is that we will be launching our ‘For the 1’ blog shortly. We will be asking guest bloggers to share about their work and support of others. We will keep you posted!!! #news #forthe1 #ambassadorprogramme #empoweringgirls #empoweringwomen #blog #eastlondon #london

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