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Mel Manning 

I'm Mel Manning the founder of the charity Freedom2, and I'm so excited to  introduce you to offer season 'for the one' podcast. Freedom two is a small  charity based in East London and Essex, we offer early intervention services  helping teenage girls to know their worth and significance so they can reach  their potential and empower others.

So you might be asking the question, why for the one? Well, I want you to think  for a minute about a time maybe when someone has helped you or supported  you in some way. It might have been a simple gesture, but it may well have had

a massive impact on your life. Imagine if we all focused on helping one person  what amazing changes we might see in our world. So I'm wanting to give you an  opportunity to hear stories and understand the motivations of why people  decide to help the one.

So what can you expect from this podcast? Season one, we'll feature seven  episodes with a range of guests from podcasters presenters, campaigners,  authors, and not-for- profit founders who I will interview. All are passionate  about raising awareness, educating and providing support for others, and are  specifically working to improve the outcomes for children and young people. By  helping the one they have been instrumental in making changes in their  communities and beyond.

Episodes will start from Monday, the 14th of June. Listen and subscribe on  Spotify, apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. Join us every week and let's  be inspired together about how we can help the one.

Listen to the podcast here