FREEDOM 2 Create: 6 Week Creative Well-being Programme


This is a downloadable programme (6 sessions).

Freedom 2’s projects combine to deliver the following outcomes to girls aged between 12 years and 17 years old:


  1. MENTAL WELLBEING: Improved sense of self-worth, confidence and mental health. Also improved behaviours and educational achievement, that helps them to grow into role models for futures generations.
  2. GREATER AWARENESS: Raised awareness of the issues and risks leading to lower levels of vulnerability.
  3. IMPROVED RESILIENCE: Strengthened life skills and a determination to cope with the past and create a positive future.
What is FREEDOM 2 Create? 
FREEDOM 2 Create is a 6 week creative well-being programme.
This package contains all of the session plans, video sessions and printable resources that are required to complete the programme. The sessions explore different creative activities, whilst focusing on important topics such as identity, self-worth, relationships, goals and empowerment.

How it works

Once you complete your order, you will receive links to download the sessions and resources.

Simply click on each link to view the video or resource.