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1178780 could be any number, but for FREEDOM 2 this marks a new season. On Thursday 14thJune 2018 FREEDOM 2 was registered as a charity. FREEDOM 2 had been running as a limited company in London since January 2017, but the intention had always been to be established as a charity.

This doesn’t mean that FREEDOM 2 will be changing the work that they are doing, but hopefully people will recognise that the work that we are doing is to benefit others and being a charity will obviously open up more funding opportunities.

Other updates:

Plans are under way to launch our new art programme that we will be running called FREEDOM 2 Create. This will be a 6 week programme in addition to our 8 week self-development programme, FREEDOM 2 Girls. We will be launching the new programme in October 2018, more details to follow!

Our next fundraiser will be on Friday 28th September at 7.30pm at Kikirocs, South Woodford. We are hosting a music night and an art auction. Tickets will be £10, please email mel.manning@freedom2.org.uk to find out more or to buy tickets.